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Medfield Rhododendrons


196 acres

Approach this fragile habitat of rare Rosebay rhododendrons with care: it represents one of just seven populations of this important species.


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Medfield Rhododendrons is the site of an important and rare stand of Rhododendron maximum, the great laurel or rosebay rhododendron, one of only three species of evergreen rhododendrons native to eastern North America. Rosebay rhododendrons are most abundant in the southern Appalachian Mountains, where they form extensive thickets. In New England they reach their northernmost range. At the turn of the 20th century, this plant became popular for its showy flowers and over-collecting in the wild nearly wiped out the species. Only seven known populations exist today, including this one, the largest and easternmost population of rosebay rhododendrons in Massachusetts. Please help protect this fragile site.

Ideas for Your Visit

A quarter-mile trail—easy walking, although wet underfoot—leads from the Woodridge Road parking area to the stand of rhododendrons.

Admission & Hours

FREE to all.

Directions & Contact Info

Woodridge Road
Medfield, MA 02052
Telephone: 508.785.0339

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From I-95/Rt. 128, take Exit 16B onto Route 109 West. At the intersection of Rts. 27 and 109 in Medfield, take Rt. 27 South 0.5 mi. Turn right on Woodridge St. Parking area is immediately on right. Walk 200 yards along Woodridge St. to trail sign on right. This trail is a public easement across private property. Follow trail to the stand of rhodendendons.

Property Map

We recommend that you download a trail map before heading out.

Regulations & Advisories

  • In cooperation with the Town of Medfield, authorized bow hunting, only with written permission, is allowed on this reservation for a limited number of hunters, according to MasssWildlife regulations from mid October through December each year, from ½ hour before sunrise all day until ½ hour after sunset Monday through Saturday. Hunting is not allowed on Sundays. Signage is posted at the property listing safety precautions, requirements, and rules for the benefit of all visitors. Learn more about hunting on Trustees reservations >>
  • The trail is a public easement across private property. Please respect the privacy of neighbors.
  • Dogs and bicycles are not allowed at this reservation.
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Original acreage purchased in 1934. Additional land purchased in 1938. Additional land given by Robert S. Hale in 1936 and 1937; Richard W. Hale in 1937; and W. K. Gilmore & Sons, Inc. in 1961 and 1971. Gift of trail easement and parking area from the Woodridge Trust in 1996.

See What People Say

This is a sweet little park that has protection for a rare species of Rhododendrons (native). They bloom later than the common ones, so head there 2-4 weeks after the other Rhodies have finished. They are protected from deer (which we have seen!) by an enclosed fence within the park.

Callisto S, TripAdvisor

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